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holla [sep 1st, 2008 >>12:17am]
Yeah so I have managed to put together my top 25 songs of all time, even though I nearly threw my laptop at the wall in frustration. Here it is, and I think everyone should share theirs cos I'd like to download some new music.

There"s still this appeal that we"ve kept through our livesCollapse )

[aug 6th, 2008 >>1:21am]
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birthday post [aug 6th, 2008 >>1:16am]
I'm 19 on Sunday. OH GOD. I cannot believe it.
A little look back, in picturesCollapse )

[aug 4th, 2008 >>4:38pm]

123insert. Because. That's why.

[may 29th, 2008 >>11:30pm]

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